SexyRetro: Pin-Up Girl Workshop

— by Caroline on Crack

Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got. — Sophia Loren

I LOVE retro pinup girl art/photography. It’s all so sexy and not in that overtly slutty way. Well, maybe it was considered slutty back in the ’40s and ’50s but now it’s simply charming.

I’ve always wondered what I’d look like done up with pin curls and seamed stockings. Coo, this is me coyly typing on my laptop. Coo, this is me stretching to get that whiskey bottle from the top shelf.

If you, too, have always wanted to emulate Betty Grable or Bettie Page, Mitzi Valenzuela of Mitzi and Co. — pin-up and hot rod photographer — is your guru. She teaches a five-hour workshop out of her studio in the Brewery Art Complex that provides you with tools and know-how to transform yourself into a real doll and lead the pin-up lifestyle. Get a retro makeover with full makeup and a vintage do and learn how to shop for pin-up couture. There’s even a mini fashion show at the end of the class featuring new and old styles.

Cost of the class is $100 if you sign up by January 15. Call (626) 825-2442 to reserve your spot or email mitziandco[at]yahoo[dot]com for more info.

What kind of pin-up girl are you? Take this quiz to find out. Apparently I’m the naughty pin-up. Oh my!

EVENT: SATURDAY, JANUARY 31 from 11am to 4pm