Rawk Out With Jesus: Jesus Christ Superstar for Only $11.50

— by Caroline on Crack

Don’t laugh but I LOVE the musical/rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Love. It! I’ve seen the 1973 movie a bazillion times and have memorized all the songs (I like singing Judas’ parts) but I’ve never seen it on stage. So imagine my joy when I saw that it’s playing at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills and starring the OG singing JC himself, Ted Neeley. He was in the original Broadway production AND in the film. My friend dotsara saw him in another production earlier this year and said he was still awesome.

And next week TravelZoo is running a special where you can see the show for just $11.50! Sure that’s balcony 2 (regularly $21.50) but so what? I already got my tickets!

If you’d like orchestra or mezzanine seats, Goldstar has an awesome deal, too: half price! So that’s $37.50 rather than $75. Or you can get balcony 1 seats (front and center compared to balcony 2) for $25. FYI Goldstar charges a $7 service fee but that’s still just $7 on a half-price ticket.


Wilshire Theatre
8440 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90211 (map)
(323) 655-0111