Halloween Parties and Why I'm Not Going

— by Caroline on Crack

Since I made up my mind to not go out this Halloween (don’t feel like dealing with crowds, traffic and craziness) I went to the Ketel One Halloween party at the Edison downtown last night to get the holiday out of my system and to also get a chance to put on my costume one more time. I spent too much effort and money on that Carrie Bradshaw costume to only wear it once! Yes, that horse mask, which was part of my costume, was my bf’s idea thanks to this Web site.

Anyway, last night’s party was awesome and I figured a good preview of what Halloween night will be like at the Edison. Sure, there won’t be any of the fabulous free food or an open bar but there will be the same Halloween specialty cocktails ($13) — the Vampire’s Tonic (pomegranate martini) and Sewer Water (dirty martini) — as well as a costume contest where you can actually win $500 if yours is voted the best.

During last night’s party, the bartender dressed as Serena Williams (complete with muscular thighs and braids) won the costume contest and a huge bottle of Ketel One. A guy dressed as a Mexican gardener (?!) came in second and Willie Wonka a la Johnny Depp was third.

Also vaudeville act Lucent Dossier, who usually performs on Wednesdays at the venue, will be doing a very special spooky Halloween show for costumed revelers.

I had a really great time last night and the Edison was the perfect space for such an event. Huge, industrial and spooky. Check out that tunnel on the back wall of the Radio Room that I swear is haunted. It’s done up extra creepy for the occasion.

Everyone, well, most people at the party were dressed up. Guys really need to make more of an effort! Come on, it’s a great way to meet girls. A dude dressed as a box of Wheaties picked up a Barbie girl. Folks who show up at the door on Friday sans costume, your admission will be $50 as opposed to $45, if you didn’t already purchase your pre-sale tickets online.

Flickr Set of Ketel One Halloween Party.

Now, if I was going out on Halloween, the following are the parties I’d check out. I’m not down for the big Hollywood clubby parties, mind you, so if you want those look here:

Metromix’s Drop Dead Gore-geous Halloween at the Natural History Museum
I actually RSVP’d for this “just in case.” So if anyone wants to take my RSVP, just check in as me. But, really, how can I resist a Halloween party at a museum especially one with taxidermied animals and a scary Spider Pavilion? Sure, it’ll probably be packed with people wanting to dance to the roster of djs and live bands but it’s free! AND there’s a photo booth!

The Joker Halloween Party at Wokcano Santa Monica
Although I wasn’t crazy about the restaurant, the fact this is on the Westside works in this party’s favor. Also, the space with the outdoor patio is just really perfect for dancing in the moonlight. KCRW’s Chocolate City dj Garth Trinidad will be providing the groovy tunes. And there are free appetizers and a hosted vodka bar 9 to 10pm. Admission is only $10 to get in if you’re wearing a costume, $20 if you’re not.

Halloween Costume Party at Hangar 51
I like this downtown party for the cheap price ($10 presale, $15 at door, $25 if you’re not in costume) as well as all the live music. Or you can dance outside to djs. If you want some place to dance encostumed this sounds like the party. There’s also a lighted “dead carpet” runway where you can take pictures of your fabulous costumes and full inside and outside bars.

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