Go Team Crackhead! 2008 AIDS Walk a Success

— by Caroline on Crack

The 2008 AIDS Walk was a huge success with 30,000 walkers turning out this past Sunday to raise donations for APLA. And raise money we did: $3,158,402 to be exact!

Thanks to my generous friends, family, crackheads I was able to meet my goal and raise $1,050 in less than two weeks! Earning Star Walker status (those who raise more than $1,000), I was able to get an autographed picture of the Laker Girls, a beautiful buffet breakfast before the walk and a nifty AIDS Walk jacket.

Much to the amusement of the sign shouters (those little kid volunteers who stand on the sidelines shouting everyone’s signs), I carried a bright pink “Team Crackhead” sign. OK, my friend Lourdes helped carry it, too. Co-walker Bernadette was too embarrassed to hold it aloft as “people laughed at her.”

Most didn’t know what it meant but I think they guessed that we were actual former crackheads or something. Who can blame them? It did get lots of attention though and it was invigorating having random people cheer it during the walk, which was grueling during this sunny and sultry Sunday morning.

In any case, I was only sad how out of shape I am now. I was in so much pain after just 3 miles, mostly from the blisters I had already developed on my feet. That sucked! I saw a girl walking in high heels and she seemed to do fine. I don’t know how she did that.

But after three hours we were able to limp across the finish line to cheers and one person actually said, “That’s Caroline!” That made me extra happy. Not only did I complete the walk and raise money for a good cause, but someone reads my blog! Yay!

BTW, if you’d still like to donate, you can do that through my AIDS Walk site, which is accepting donations through November 14. Thanks!