Cast Your Cocktail Vote: blue on blue's Drink the Vote 2008

— by Caroline on Crack

Photo courtesy of Avalon Beverly Hills

Photo courtesy of Avalon Beverly Hills

In celebration of the upcoming election, today blue on blue at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills has kicked off a special Drink the Vote 2008 happy hour menu with campaign chow and special presidential candidate-inspired cocktails. Good! Cuz I need a drink! This election season is so stressful! I hope my dude wins, else this blog will have to be renamed “Caroline on Meds.”

In any case, Executive Chef Scott Garrett has created two cocktails ($8 each) to represent the candidates and whichever drink earns the most tallies at the end of Drink the Vote will be announced as the winner on the eve of the presidential election.

Your candidates:

  • Obamarita: Patron Silver, blue curacao, fresh lime juice, prosecco
  • McCainade: Jim Beam, amaretto, lemonade, iced tea, grenadine

Considering Obama’s cocktail is made of tequila, I call this an unfair fight. I know who I’m going to vote for but what am I going to drink? I do like how they’re appropriately red and blue though. And for the undecided, you can always order the All American cocktail, which is made of Leblon cachaca, strawberries, blueberries and lime.

The politically inspired nosh runs $8 each or three for $20.

  • Caucus kabobs: grilled shrimp, pineapple, scallions
  • Conservative quesadilla: beef, peppers, chile
  • GOP: grilled onion & prosciutto flatbread
  • Filibuster cheese steak: shredded beef, cheese, caramelized onion
  • Electoral shooters: oysters, black pepper, citrus
  • Green party platter: garbanzo bean puree, pita, olives

If you’d like to cast your cocktail vote, the happy hour is at the very inconvenient (for me) time of 3 to 6pm Mondays through Fridays, up til November 4.

blue on blue at Avalon Beverly Hills
9400 West Olympic Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90212 (map)
(310) 407-7791