Y-Que Tees: Representin' Peeps West of the 605

— by Caroline on Crack


It’s about time someone made a t-shirt for Downtown, Culver City, Miracle Mile, Griffith Park…Boyle Heights! You live in L.A. but an “I Love L.A.” t-shirt just ain’t gonna cut it, plus that Randy Newman song gives you hives.

Fortunately Thrillist found Y-Que, a Los Feliz t-shirt shop that has took it upon themselves to create a screenprinted American Apparel shirt for “everything west of the 605,” meaning every neighborhood from Redondo Beach to Riverside (OK, that’s east of the 605).

Little graphics on the tee bring each neighborhood to life as well; Downtown gets the ubiquitous shopping cart, Boyle Heights a mariachi, and South Central a gun. Or you can choose your own graphics, in addition to whatever color t-shirt you want. And at $12-$18, the prices aren’t too bad.

Y-Que’s Web site doesn’t show the whole inventory yet, but you can always check out the goods in person at the store and even customize your gear.

Needless to say, having just completed my move to Westchester this weekend, I am thrilled.

1770 N Vermont Avenue
Los Feliz, California 90027 (map)
(323) 664-0021