Free Bass Ale and Little Britain USA Screening

— by Caroline on Crack

I didn’t know this was open to the public as I was invited to cover it for LAist but apparently it IS according to! Little Britain USA, the same show but taking place in America, will be screening at the Original Penguin Store in Hollywood tomorrow night.

You’ll be one of the first few folks to watch LBUSA that, despite being another British show turned American, is, I hear, surprisingly as funny as the original. The show will debut on HBO on September 28.

At the screening party there will be free Bass Ale and snacks to consume as well as tunes spun by Part Time Punks DJ Michael Stock. Like I said, I will definitely be there as I was a big fan of the British show and am curious to see what they do with these characters in America.

If you wanna go, **RSVP **asap!

EVENT: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 from 7pm to 10pm

Original Penguin Store
8215 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90046 (map)