Bellacures' Free-ish Manicure

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by Jeff Kubina

Flickr Shot by Jeff Kubina

OK, this deal seems hardly fair to your friend but if you and your buddy get a Blueberry Bliss Pedicure ($65) at Bellacures in West Hollywood any time from today to Thursday the 18th, one of you (you) will get a free manicure which usually runs $45! Yeah, I know, eesh. But check out what they do to you for your money when you get the pedi.

They soak your tootsies to soften them and then scrub away the dead skin with their homemade blueberry scrub. You also get callus treatment as needed at no extra charge. Afterward, they slather your feet with blueberry lotion and put them in either a steamed hot towel or hot electric booties (your choice) to infuse moisture in your exfoliated skin. And THEN, you get a 10-minute massage.

If you spring for the mani-pedi combo, you get a complimentary blueberry martini to sip on while you kick back and relax. Being a cheapskate, even I can appreciate that it’s good to splurge on a fancy mani-pedi every now and again.

239 North Robertson Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90211 (map)
(310) 550-5822