My Little Project: Trying To Win a ThisNext Apple TV

— by Caroline on Crack

carolineoncrack’s "appletv" picks
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Call it greed, but I want that 160GB Apple TV (retail $329) that ThisNext is giving away to a lucky TN user in a couple weeks. This game works the same way as the Vespa game did where you recommend as many of your “favorite products” as you can and tag them “Apple TV.” The more recommendations you make, the better your chances of winning as each one counts as an entry.

Now, the person who makes the most entries isn’t necessarily the winner as that winning ticket is chosen randomly, but it helps to aim to make that many recommendations. I know it did for me when I tried to win a Vespa back in June, which I did. (Yay! I am so addicted to scooting btw.)

If you win this contest you get the very fabulous Apple TV which blows regular TV away. It allows you to access online media content in the form of movies, TV shows, user generated videos, and photographs. You can purchase videos and movies as well as iTunes movies and TV shows right through your TV! I must have it. Right now I just have a paltry 36 entries but the contest just started last Wednesday (the literature for it had mistakenly said it was gonna start today). I’ve got lots of work to do!