NettieScrub: Local Girl Makes Good…Scrubs

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by Limbo Poet (in and out)

Flickr Shot by Limbo Poet (in and out)

Whomever this Nettie Davis is, she’s a smart cookie. Not only does this former manicurist to the stars have her own skin care line called NettieScrub — made out of her home base in Atwater Village — but she has approached bloggers about reviewing her products. Can be tricky business considering bloggers can be a bit no-holds-barred when it comes to their reviews. But the virtual word has been positive thus far.

And I have to say, I agree. Nettie sent me some samples of her lavender body buff ($12), lemon body buff ($12) and a lavender balm ($14) and I loved them all.

NettieScrub Lemon gift setI’ve tried sugar scrubs before, from expensive Sephora types to the drugstore variety, and have never really found anything that made me feel good about the money I spent or made me want to buy it again. But I loved the way these particular scrubs smell and feel.

The scents were strong but organic, not synthetic-smelling or offensive. I found that the scrubs are great to use before I shave my legs as they exfoliate first, the sugar crystals then dissolve and leave a baby oil soft skin. And of course this makes it perfect for the whole body. I just had to be frugal with my mini free samples. The scrubs are also available in grapefruit and peppermint fragrances. Oooh, peppermint! Great for a refreshing morning shower.

I love the scent of lavender and so the lavender body balm ($14) was a definite winner for me. However, since it’s a balm and not a lotion, it initially left a bit of residue on my skin, not quite absorbing into my skin. I’d be more apt to use this on my dry spots like my knees, elbows and my hands. The relaxing scent makes this a great product to apply before you go to sleep. But you can also choose from other scents: grapefruit, lemon or cedarspice.

If scrubs and balms aren’t your thing, Nettie also sells soy candles and milkbar soaps, and even gift baskets.

These organic products can either be purchased online or at a bunch of local boutiques like All Shades of Green in Silver Lake and Mila in Atwater as well as Whole Foods in Pasadena, Glendale and West Hollywood.