Kokomo Cafe: Free 90210's Peach Pit Specials

— by Caroline on Crack

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Last week when I was taking the lonnng way to ArcLight Hollywood to see Tropic Thunder, we drove down Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood and noticed quite a ruckus of trucks, lights and people standing around this one particular restaurant. The signs around this restaurant read “Peach Pit.” “That can’t be right. A place with such a stupid name couldn’t exist in real life,” I thought. “And on Beverly Boulevard?” My friend dotsara, who was with me, asked, “Is there really a Peach Pit?” Turns out they were filming that new 90210 at the Kokomo Cafe, usually one of my fave places for chicken and waffles. Ohhhh. Meh.

In, er, celebration of its anointment as the real-life stand-in for the new West Bev High kids’ hangout, Kokomo Cafe will be serving some of its Peach Pit/90210-inspired specials for free on Tuesday, September 2 (the day the show premieres on the CW) from 2 to 4pm.

  • Leggo My Eggold: a Belgium waffle with two eggs and bacon
  • Mr. Wilson Burger: double beef burger with cheddar and bacon
  • Nat Your Average Smoothie: Made with peach ice cream, of course

There will be more 90210 specials available for purchase as well, but all will be available for purchase throughout the month of September.

In any case, I keep meaning to check out the Kokomo’s relocation from the Farmer’s Market on 3rd Street. I’m craving me some fried chicken with vanilla waffles ($8.95). Mmm!

Kokomo Cafe
7385 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90036 (map)
(323) 933-0773

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