Why I Hate Some Radiohead Fans

— by Caroline on Crack


_RadioHEAD captured via cell phone camera (only shot I took during the concert!)

OK, in truth this doesn’t have to mean specifically Radiohead fans. I could also apply it to Hollywood Bowl concert goers and maybe even concert goers in general. But I got to see one of my ultimate favorite bands play at the Bowl last night and, of course, it was an awesome experience save for my run in with the crowd of Radiohead-ites (what are Radiohead fans called, anyway?) in the sold-out show. Granted, a lot of this may be just due to the fact that I’m getting older and therefore more curmudgeonly.

Annoying people at the concert:

  • The couple who refused to stop holding hands as I tried to push through the crowd to catch up with my party before I lost them in the sea of people. The resilient couple wouldn’t let go of each other even though I was already up against their hands, so I just lifted up their grasped paws and went under it like London Bridge falling down. “Chill, chill!” the dude said. Whatev! He couldn’t let go of his girl for one second to let me pass?

  • The 7-foot-tall man with an unusually wide head who, despite sitting in the front row of the section, insists on standing up, causing everyone else behind him to stand up. He could see just fine sitting down as our section was at the edge of the boxed seats so the stage was unobstructed. But nooo, he had to stand up so he could spoon his tiny girlfriend and sway to Radiohead.

  • The potheads behind me who kept puffing away during the entire concert. Really? The entire concert? I’m surprised they were able to make it out of the Bowl after. As it was there was a constant pot cloud hanging over my head. But at least it wasn’t cigarette smoke I guess.

  • The mom in front of me who danced with her arms above her head. Now I luuuve Radiohead but I don’t think you can really dance to them. You can move to the music, sure, but swish around like you’re dancing to Madonna’s “Into the Groove”? Nah!

  • This girl standing next to us who had both her phone and her camera out, the screens blazing brightly in the darkened venue, to document the concert. She proceeded to take pictures of herself with Radiohead performing as the back drop. Flash on of course.

  • All the people around us videoing the concert, and there were a lot of them. You could see their bright screens.

  • People who started leaving during the encores, pushing past those still watching the concert. You’re going to miss out on this awesome performance…to avoid traffic?

And I have to admit there were the few moments when I did love the Radiohead crowd:

  • When the audience did that little kid cheer during “15 Step.” Aww. Yayy!

  • People actually hugged each other when they heard the first moments of “Karma Police.”

  • When everyone in the Bowl sang, “This is what you get!” in unison.

  • When Radiohead started “Fake Plastic Trees” and a girl behind us yelled, “I knew it! I knew it!”

BTW, here’s an actual review about the show including some video clips. Crazy Andy!