Share Your Dating Know-How, Get Free

— by Caroline on Crack


That’s right all you have to do to get a free one-month subscription to is answer a quick two-page survey about dating and dumping. Fun!

They just want to know your luuuve expertise, like where you’ve had the most success meeting dating prospects, where’s a good place to enjoy a first date, and what’s the worst/best pickup line you’ve heard. Most of the questions are simple multiple choice with a couple of them that you have to write out.

And even if you don’t care too much about Zagat, it’s something to do if you’re bored at work and feel like answering nine questions about your dating past. Like a Cosmo quiz. I’m not sure what the survey is going to be used for but, hey, free Zagat.

You get the free month of when you enter your email address at the end of the survey. They then promise to send you a code in two to three weeks. Easy-peasy. A subscription is usually $24.95 for a full year and you get access to the Zagat reviews online. Great for when you’re out and about.