FREE Ice Cream: Silky Smooth Ultra Creamery

— by Caroline on Crack

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I’ve never heard of Silky Smooth Ultra Creamery before (maybe cuz its only location is deep in the bowels of the Beverly Center Mall and not even in the food court) but apparently it was voted #1 ice cream/gelato in L.A. on MyFoxLA and it’s a “microcreamery,” meaning that it handcrafts this unique fusion of gourmet ice cream, custard and gelato. Its 90% fat-free desserts are made fresh and served at a warmer temp than usual ice cream temperatures so as to not shock your tastebuds and therefore let you enjoy it more. A thorough review about the goods can be found here.

Anyhoo, if you don’t know about this place either, you can check it out this Wednesday as they will be giving away one free full serving of a single flavor of either the frozen dessert or fruit sorbet. You know what they say, “The first taste is free.”

EVENT: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27 from 12pm to 4pm

Silky Smooth Ultra Creamery
Beverly Center, 8500 Beverly Boulevard, 7th floor
Los Angeles, California 90048
(310) 659-9992