Superheroes at Home Show at Colorado Wine Company

— by Caroline on Crack

Photo by Gregg SegalPhoto by Gregg Segal

Ever wonder about those costumed folks on Hollywood Boulevard? You know the ones I’m talking about. The Batman, the Iron Man, Captain America, et al? Who are they really? Yeah, me, too. And apparently photographer Gregg Segal has as well and has actually followed each superhero home and photographed their not-so-super lives.

Gregg Segal: “I followed the super heroes home to highlight the contrast of the fantastic and mundane. Though in costume, the super heroes are unmasked by the ordinariness of their apartments and their routine chores.”

There’s the Hulk gardening, Wonder Woman taking out the trash and Spiderman doing laundry. It’s awesome and at the same time, kinda sad. Well you can check the photos out for yourself at the show at Colorado Wine Company next Saturday, August 23.

While enjoying the views of the superheroes tackling their heroic housework, you can enjoy gourmet cheeses provided by Auntie Em’s Marketplace and of course wine — $6-$15 glasses.

And if you find yourself a bit depressed seeing your heroes taken down several pegs, grab a drink at the Chalet up the street after the show.


Colorado Wine Company
2114 Colorado Boulevard
Eagle Rock, California 90041 (map)
(323) 478-1985