Dear Caroline on Crack: Fun Birthday Recreation?

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by vanlaar

Flickr Shot by Vanlaar

Dear Caroline on Crack,

i have been an avid (if not silent) reader of your blog for awhile now. i LOVE hearing about things going on in LA. i’ve always had a terrible time finding things to do. and, you have made it possible to find fun and exciting things every week. which is why i’m going to ask you this next question.

i’m turning 30 soon and am at a loss to find something to do. i’ve done the club thing before and really don’t feel like going hollywood. however, there are a couple of places i like, but if you have any other suggestions that would be wonderful. i’m open for just about anything….i like food, going out, new experiences. so bring anything to the table!

i would like it to be:

  1. outdoors (if possible)
  2. lounge like…nothing too glitzy, but definitely not a BAR
  3. relatively inexpensive
  4. something out of the ordinary (meaning it could be a lounge, but it could be something to DO as well)
  5. all areas…downtown/westside

I like a place like Father’s Office in Culver City….the vibe, the people, the ambience. the outdoor patio is amazing but i’m not sure it’s feasible to rent it out.

sorry if that’s a completely round about way to tell you! i hope this doesn’t bother you too much! thank you in advance! keep up the good work on the blog. i look forward to reading it weekly!

Bored Birthday Girl

Hey there, BB Girl!

It’s funny you should ask as I used to have that dilemma all the time when planning my own birthdays. I like the sort of parties where there are things to do other than drink and stand around.

I had an intimate gathering at uWink in Hollywood and Highland for my bday a couple of months ago. What I liked about it is that there weren’t many other people there so we had the run of the joint. I don’t know if you’d like the same thing however. I liked being able to play video games with my friends and enjoy the drinks and food.

Also, bowling is always fun. Dive-y bowling alleys are a hoot. Especially when they have dive bars there, too. I like the Bay Shore Lanes in Santa Monica and El Dorado Lanes in Westchester (this one is located near Custom Hotel which has a great poolside lounge so you can adjourn there after). It’s especially fun if you go during “Xtreme Bowling Nights” when they turn on the black lights and turn up the music.

Rollerskating is also an idea. I had a rollerskating disco bday party at World on Wheels several birthdays ago and dressed all early ’80s out and everyone had fun. There’s also a bar in there with some dancing.

And not many people are into this but it’s fun when they are, but karaoke is a blast if you don’t have a huge crowd of people. I like Boardwalk 11 in West L.A. cuz it doesn’t get too obnoxiously crowded like Backstage in Culver City or the Gas Lite as it seems not many people know about it. But then again it’s been a year since I’ve been there so who knows now? But there’s a full bar and, yes, there is a two-drink minimum but that’s never an issue for me. I’d suggest going there around 9 to secure a bunch of seats for you and your friends.

Does any of that tickle your fancy?