So Cheap It's Good: Bourbon Street Shrimp Company Half-Off Entrees Mondays and Tuesdays

— by Caroline on Crack

Shot from Lisa N. on Yelp

Shot by Lisa N. on Yelp

I’m going to go out on a limb and recommend this West L.A. restaurant that I went to the other night that doesn’t have the greatest food or the prettiest décor or the most extensive liquor selection or even the best service…but it does have some impressive drink and food specials.

Now, why would anyone want meh food even if it is cheap? Because it’s cheap and its low price makes it taste soo good. You know how that works. The food at Bourbon Street Shrimp Company in West L.A. isn’t exactly a foodie’s paradise but the prices make it a cheapskate’s dream. And it’s in a perfect location for starving students as it’s south of Westwood.

On Mondays and Tuesdays from 5 to 8pm, you can get entrees for half off! The entrees are usually priced between $10-$15. I tried out the lemon fish dish which was some fish with lemon caper sauce and garlic mashed potatoes. Sure, all this together made for one goopy meal what with the soft fish and all that sauce and mashed potatoes, but I found myself saying, “Mmmm” as I scooped it into my mouth.

The garlic mashed potatoes side wasn’t especially garlicky but it tasted good enough. “The mashed potatoes are good, huh?” the man behind the bar asked me. “Mm-hm,” I answered quickly with my mouth full. What a weird thing to ask. Anyway I think I loved this entree because it was only $5.25. That’s how much a chicken salad sandwich costs at Starbucks! And here I was getting an actual meal.

Sure, it’s no Citizen Smith, but if you want something ultra cheap before catching a flick at the Landmark down the street, this is your place. Especially great when you want to grab a drink as there’s a happy hour (Monday-Friday 5-8pm) with 2-for-1 margaritas, Jack Daniels ($7) and Ketel One ($8). Plus the beer selection is decent with Blue Moon and Fat Tire on tap.

When I went on Monday, the place was packed. The bartender/waitress attributed the mad rush to the “Black Knight” — or as we like to call it The Dark Knight — playing at the theater.

BTW, if you’re wondering why I don’t have any pictures of this place, it’s cuz I didn’t think I’d like it, much less write about it. But I’d go again, especially since it’s walking distance from where I live.

Oh and I think Manhattans have ruined me for other cocktails cuz I couldn’t even taste the Jack in my ginger and Jack and apparently it was a stronnng cocktail. Hm.

10928 W Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90064
(310) 474-0007

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