Crackheads, Unite! Blogiversary T-Shirts

— by Caroline on Crack

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Since three’s the magic number, I thought I’d go big with this 3rd blogiversary by making CoC t-shirts and such for the occasion. Yeah, it felt weird at first, and vain, making T-shirts with my name on it (flashbacked me to when I was running for student body secretary in high school) but then I thought, why the hell not? This will be fun and it’s really the only time I’ve tried to market myself or make money off this blog. (Google ads just don’t cover cocktails.)

My favorite t-shirts of the bunch besides the CoC one is the Don’t You Know Who I Am? ones. I always thought that phrase would make a funny t-shirt and it does. If you have any suggestions for a good t-shirt or different colors or how to make these (and the shop) better, I’d love to hear from you.

Anyhoo, my dear crackheads, if you sport one of these babies during the partay and show off your crackhead pride, you’ll get five more entries for the giveaways during the event. There will be prizes sponsored by Leyna’s Kitchen, South, Citizen Smith and more so you’ll want to increase your chances to get the good stuff.

But thanks for all the support and I hope you vote for me for your student…oh, never mind.