Destee-Nation Unknown: SoCal Bar T-Shirts

— by Caroline on Crack

Destee-Nation's Paradise Cove T-ShirtIt probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that I have a small collection of bar t-shirts. There’s that raunchy Irish pub in San Luis Obispo, that lazy mai tai bar in Maui and that meh martini bar in West L.A.

OK, it’s a very small collection but I just realized that I had it. And then I thought how cool would it be if there was a site that listed every bar that sold a shirt. That way you could just buy it online instead of having to hunt them down, especially if it was a bar in New Orleans and you were just feeling nostalgic.

I was just about to mail this idea to myself when I read a blurb about Destee-Nation on Thrillist. Destee-Nation is an online and retail store that sells T-shirts from real places, including bars! Each T-shirt description is even good enough to provide a little background of the bar, some pictures and address and hours info!

So far, it seems, for SoCal, they only have tees for Shellback Tavern in Manhattan Beach, Reel Inn and Paradise Cove in Malibu, Newport Beach Brewing Company, and Longboard Restaurant & Pub and Huntington Beach Beer Co. in Huntington Beach. But they’re on the lookout for more tees to add to their collection, so you can add them to your own.

If you have a favorite drink spot (or SoCal spot) that you think deserves to have a tee made of it, submit your suggestion via the nifty Suggest a T-Shirt form. If the Destee-Nation folks like what they read, they’ll go check out the establishment.

Sooo, what are some good bars? I’d say the Good Luck Bar, definitely Tiki Ti, and, ohhhh The Edison. Those would make really cute tees that I’d proudly wear.