Yamashiro Movie Nights and South Park Sing-A-Long

— by Caroline on Crack

Some really cool movie events coming up!

Yamashiro, that beautiful Japanese restaurant overlooking Hollywood, is now having free movie nights in its Sky View Lounge through July 23 (thanks to Dig Lounge for the heads-up). That’s all well and good but the best part to me is that they’re screening Breakfast at Tiffany’s on July 2! What an elegant setting to enjoy this fabulous Audrey Hepburn classic. Sip on a Blue Sapphire martini ($12 — vodka, sake, lychee juice and blue curacao) and nosh from the full service menu. Even though there will be two screenings at 6 and 9pm, you may still want to get there lots early to score a good seat.

And on the other end of the classy spectrum, this is probably the best sing-a-long I’ve ever heard of and that includes the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode or the Scarface swear-a-long. OutFest‘s sing-a-long for this year is South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. Genius. Admission is $18 but you can get in for just $12.50 ($9 plus $3.50 service fee) through Goldstar. Dress as your favorite South Park character — Towelie anyone? — and bring your pack of Orbit gum cuz you’ll need it after singing along to potty-mouthed classics like “Uncle Fucka” and the Oscar-nominated “Blame Canada.”