My Little Project: Trying To Win a ThisNext Vespa

— by Caroline on Crack

carolineoncrack’s "tnvespa" picks
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OK, I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with L.A. per se, but I’m really proud of my little “project.” Ya see, I’m trying to win a Vespa from ThisNext and I have to make a gazillion product recommendations to increase my odds of winning it.

The Vespa contest requires that people in the ThisNext community (i.e. anyone who makes a recommendation; you can be a new member) make recommendations and just tag each one “TN Vespa.” The more recommendations you make the better your chances of winning the random drawing. The actual Vespa giveaway is this Friday at the TN HQ in Santa Monica so I only have a limited amount of time left and am recommending things like a fiend, even going so far as to forsake my blog AND work. Oy!

Anyhoo, instead of making BS recommendations, I’m really picking things that I like (which needless to say is slowing me down). But it seems I’m running out of things to recommend so any suggestions you have about stuff you’ve come across and liked would be much appreciated. Any cool shopping blogs you know about?

In the meantime, feel free to browse my 268-and-growing recommendations. The side effect of this little project, of course, is that now my covet list is soo lonnnng. I want that Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder and that Dior skull ring and this Coach bag!