We Love the Sex! Sex and the City 21+ Screening at the ArcLight Sherman Oaks

— by Caroline on Crack

Ordering drinks

Four years after the last episode of HBO’s Sex and the City, the new movie felt like a long time coming for its many fans. So it was understandable that at the 21+ screening party in the ArcLight Sherman Oaks, the legions of women who showed up to celebrate the film were dressed to the nines. They sported flirty frocks and their best party heels in homage to The Girls: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. It was the ultimate girls’ night out.

At this particular ArcLight 21+ screening party (one of several at the Hollywood and Sherman Oaks locations for the movie’s opening weekend), SATC ticket buyers enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres and drinks and even little pink cupcakes at a cocktail party in the ArcLight lounge before the 10:30pm movie as well as a swag-ish white plastic fedora and colorful martini glass (sponsored by Skyy Vodka) — all for $60.

Guests were given drink tickets good for two drinks. They had their choice of a margarita, martini or cosmo. Apparently the popular cocktails of the evening were the cosmo, of course, and the pomegranate martini.

Not surprisingly there were mostly women at this shindig. About six men were spotted. And when they walked in, all the girls’ eyes were on them until one of the dudes said, as he walked to a booth, “Where are all the gay men?”

When the cocktail party ended and the women (and men) were ushered into the theater, you could feel the excitement. The special giveaway of Skyy Vodka/Sex and the City merchandise — pink cloth fedoras and “I Heart NY” t-shirts — to “randomly selected” seats before the movie served to rile up the girls more. Everyone was woo-wooing and hollering.

I “won” a pink fedora! Whattaya know? It’s pretty sweet and all I have to do is put a white ribbon over the “Skyy Vodka Sex and the City” words on its band to make it everyday usable.

During the movie itself, which I LOVED LOVED LOVED, it felt like watching a Sex and the City marathon with a bunch of girlfriends as we reacted to everything on-screen in unison. We giggled, we gasped, we cried and we cheered.

I’m soo going to see that movie again and again. It’s a must for SATC fans but I can’t really imagine how it would be if I wasn’t a fan and I watched it. There were a lot of inside jokes which were appreciated by the fans but would have certainly fallen short with non-fans. However, if you do like fabulosity in general, there may be something for you there.

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