Today's Stream of Consciousness

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by dotsara

Flickr Shot by dotsara 

Random thoughts for an auto-pilot day.

I think I want to grow out my hair again. Short hair is high-maintenance.

Last night, I went to Beverly Hills to finally check out the Backstage Cafe, a rock-n-roll tavern that sounded really out of place in the “Golden Triangle” and intriguing because of that. But to my dismay, I found out that it had closed down. On its door was a Dear John note saying that it closed its doors on April 25. Bummer. Where can a cheapskate stuck in BH find some cheap nosh now? Fortunately, found Coupa Cafe, a Venezuelan restaurant, around the corner that served breakfast all day and had the final Western Conference game on the telly.

Sad that Neighborhoodies is no longer in L.A. I really wanted to get more Caroline on Crack t-shirts made. Neighborhoodies was the only cool local t-shirt customizer I know.

So happy that Largo is now at the Coronet as of this coming Monday. I remember watching Tenacious D, David Cross and Jon Brion in the discomfort of the old Fairfax location, everyone standing and crammed in the back if you didn’t make dinner reservations. 280 seats in the “new” location sounds like a gawdsend. Actually might end my self-imposed boycott of Largo now and check out a show at the new digs. Greg Proops, Patton Oswalt and Sarah Silverman have shows to break in the Coronet this June.

Crumbs is pretty cool. I know I already mentioned this before but it’s nice of them to hand out cupcakes yesterday even though their new Larchmont location didn’t open as planned. But more importantly, it’s really generous of them to say they’re still going to pass out another 1,000 cupcakes at their real grand opening in June. Awww. Heart.

I’m not into X bar but feel obligated to mention that it’s debuting a weekday happy hour on June 2 where you can get half off all beers, wine, well drinks and small plates. Monday nights from 5 to 8:30pm are their Summer Bash deal when they’ll have live music on their patio. So there you have it.

BTW, people should not eat crispy apples in the workplace.