No Radiohead Tickets for Me

— by Caroline on Crack

Gripe #1: I hate scalpers and their newfangled ticket-hogging technology!

Gripe #2: I know Radiohead loves the intimate setting of the Bowl but come on, guys! You have A LOT of fans! Try a bigger venue, or how about THREE nights? Or four nights! THAT would be awesome.

Gripe #3: Effin scalpers!

Gripe #4: Web sites publishing the secret presale password. It’s supposed to be a secret to only the subscribers. OK, I was guilty of that before but that was for the Beastie Boys. It’s TONS harder to get tix for Radiohead. They always sell out in, like, a half second!

OK, as you may have gathered, this morning I tried getting tickets for at least one of Radiohead’s shows at the Hollywood Bowl this coming August 24 and 25. Being part of the KROQ Street Team I was savvy to KROQ’s secret presale password. But since that password ended up making its way on the Web to everyone else not part of the Street Team, I’m thinking that the scalpers used it, too. They must have because the presale tickets sold sooo fast. And Ticketmaster makes it harder for a human being like myself to jump through hoops and score tickets what with their “security check” measures that have you type in not one word but two. Arrgggh! Bitches! I don’t know how the machines get around that.

Anyway, tickets to the general public (no passwords needed) go on sale online tomorrow morning at 10am Pacific and range in price from $39-$75 each. So if you’re a hard-core Radiohead fan, good luck with that. Sorry, I really don’t have any tips on how to score tickets as everything I’ve tried from signing on early to using lots of windows at the same time hasn’t worked. I only know of people who were able to get tickets though. My brother’s friend (bi-atch!) got them for both nights through Radiohead’s W.A.S.T.E. site, which allows four tickets per person unlike the two-ticket of the presales, and last time he simply waited in line to score tickets and did.

All I really know is that Ticketmaster’s “partner” TicketsNow is charging $295 a person for tickets in the V section. That’s $300 for a nosebleed seat! As much as I love Radiohead, that’s just not an option. Ah well. Good luck, Radiohead fans!