This Weekend: Well, Really, This Saturday

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by dotsara

Sorry so late with this, folks. I know you were probably really concerned about your weekend plans. Heh.

Saturday, March 8

FIDM Scholarship Store Sale
The first I heard of this store and apparently it’s having a huge sale. You can buy cutting-edge fashionable clothes that normally retail for $300-$400 and get ’em for about 80-90% off! Apparently these clothes have strutted many a runway and award show.

  • FIDM Scholarship Store, 919 S. Grand Avenue, Downtown (map).

The Great Urban Race
Fun! Like the Amazing Race but this takes place in the city you all know and love and you get a chance to win $10,000. Grab your best buddy or the smartest person you know, not always one and the same, and search the city following clues and taking public transportation to find stuff. 1st place wins $300 and 2nd place $150. Proceeds benefit Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong” Foundation.

  • 11am. $59 per person til today, $70 on race day. Hollywood Billiards, 5750 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles (map). (323) 465-0115

Angel City Drive-In: The Goonies
Hey, the Goonies ARE good enough. Man, I hated this movie and that Cyndi Lauper song that went with it but it would be funny to see Josh Brolin all young and stuff. And whatever happened to that Feldman kid? As with all Angel City Drive-Ins remember to BYOB and enjoy the Weenez brought to you by the lovely roller derby girls.

  • $10. 6:30pm. 2nd Floor, 240 W. 4th Street, Downtown (map).

Kitsune Fashion Mixer
Me and some friends are probably going to hit this fashionable mixer before the Hungry Cat par-tay. Not so much for the free vodka shots (10:30-11:30pm) but more for the fashionable crowd. AND groups of 6 or more get a free bottle of champagne, but I think it’ll just be 4 of us so…oh well.

  • 10:30pm. Hollywood Canteen, 1006 Seward Avenue, Hollywood (map).