Unofficial Post-L.A. Marathon Cocktail Party

— by Caroline on Crack

2008 L.A. Marathon Medal

Yayyy! The L.A. Marathon is FINALLY over! After six months of having to go to bed early on Friday nights without a cocktail because of those long Saturday morning training runs, this Friday marathoners everywhere finally get to stay up late and drink to their heart’s content! And what better place to do that than at my fave bar…let’s say it all together…Seven Grand. I hope you can join me for some post-marathon celebratory cocktails. I ran 26.2 miles and survived. I know it’s last minute but I wanna celebrate! Let’s drink cuz we now can with abandon.

If you ran the marathon, too, bring your medal! ::cough, cough:: doesn’t necessarily have to be this year’s::cough, cough:: Not only will you be able to show it off but you get $4 Maker’s Mark drink specials!

For those who ran the marathon and don’t know where Seven Grand is, it’s located down the street from where the 26th mile marker was.


Seven Grand
515 W 7th Street, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, California 90014 (map)
(213) 817-5321