FREE TICKETS for Grizzly Bear at Disney Hall

— by Caroline on Crack

When I first saw the headline for this show, I was a bit confused. What’s a Grizzly Bear doing running amok at the Disney Concert Hall and why isn’t anyone concerned? But then I realized that Grizzly Bear is actually the name of an atmospheric quartet from Brooklyn. Cool! The L.A. Phil will actually perform in the first half of the show, playing music hand-picked by GB. And then the quartet will perform its dreamy and melodious full set after. Imagine how beautiful that’ll sound in the hall.

Anyway, thanks to the L.A. Phil I have a pair of tickets for Saturday’s show to give away to the first lucky crackhead to send me their name and contact info to carolineoncrack at The tickets normally retail $24 a piece and are located in the terrace section of the Hall, Row J, seats 153 and 154.

Good luck!


Walt Disney Concert Hall
111 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90012 (map)
(323) 850-2000