2008 Best Picture Marathon for $30

— by Caroline on Crack

Some AMC Theatres in the Southland will be screening all five 2008 Best Picture nominees in marathon succession this Saturday for only $30. That’s a bargain, breaking it down to about $6 for each movie when you’re probably used to pay $11-$14 for movie night.

And not only do you get to see these cinematic treasures in one sitting, you get a free large popcorn and free refills. But if you require more than popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner, no worries, you will be allowed to come and go as you please when you flash your movie pass at the door.

The bad news, for me at least, is that none of the participating L.A. theaters is on the Westside. Boooo. Rather, you can see the Oscar-nominated films at theaters in the Inland Empire, OC, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley and South Bay/Long Beach.

Just in case you need reminding, the nominees are (with their showtimes):

  • Michael Clayton 11am
  • There Will Be Blood 1:20pm
  • Atonement 4:20pm
  • Juno 7pm
  • No Country for Old Men 9pm

EVENT: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23 starting 11am