Today's Stream of Consciousness

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by Revolute

Flickr Shot by Revolute

I love Mondays off. Yesterday I actually got to watch a soap opera for the first time in 14 years. It’s good to know that I’m not really missing anything there. Anyhow, here’s my post vacation state of mind.

Cool-sounding upcoming “food” events: the beer tasting at Surfas on 2/20, a chocolate and wine tasting at 3 on Fourth on 2/26 and CITY Night at Cuidad on 2/29 where the Two Tamales resurrect the 1981 menu from their first restaurant.

I don’t know why I’m kinda sad that Forty Deuce is closing even though I’ve only checked out the burlesque show a couple of times in six years. Ah, Carolina, Carolina. I wonder how the downtown version is going to be different. If anything, a night of whiskey (ahem, Seven Grand) and burlesque sounds like a fun girls’ night out or even a date night.

Which is better? The iPhone or the BlackJack II? I need a new phone but am torn between the two. I’m currently trying out the BlackJack II and love its qwerty keyboard but am not too crazy about its sucky Internet browsing incapability. Any suggestions/recommendations? Is the iPhone all hype?

There’s going to be a total lunar eclipse tomorrow at 7:01pm. Apparently a bunch of Yelpers will be meeting at Griffith Observatory for the celestial show and afterwards they’re going to the Blue Goose Lounge. Fun! Just hope it doesn’t rain.

I’m so buying this tank top.