Win a Valentine Date Update, Part II

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by Revolute

Flickr Shot by Revolute aka Crazy Andy

Two more girls and two more fun dates…

Date #3: Chrystine

Andy had originally intended to take Chrystine out to House of Blues Gospel Brunch but the event was sold out so they rescheduled the date. Since it was for a Monday night, there really wasn’t much going on in terms of music. They checked out two places with jazz but one was closed and “the other had an annoying big band.” So they decided to have dinner at Lala’s Grill on Ventura. Andy had been dying for some good Argentinean food ever since he got back from his trip in December. He drank a couple of their “weird” mojitos and enjoyed their “awesome” food. The couple sat outside since it was nicer and quieter than the bustling dining room. Out there they enjoyed feeling like the only two people in the place. Afterwards, they adjourned to The Sapphire. Initially Chrystine was very talkative, “a fast talker,” but at the lounge she seemed to mellow out after a couple of drinks. The date ended at 12:30.

Chrystine said: I had a great time last night! Andy is a really cool guy with great taste in music. I could see why you think he is a fun person to hang with. He definitely strikes me as someone that is up for any adventure so he gets a gold star for that alone. My first impression was ‘This guy has great hair!’ I really dug his curly that weird/creepy?”

Her anecdote: After closing down the restaurant, we headed to our cars. We decided to check out a bar across the street. Since the restaurant was located in a small shopping plaza and all the businesses were closed, I suggested that we move our cars onto the street. Living in L.A. has me paranoid about parking tickets and getting towed. I swear that parking enforcers can smell those who take parking freedoms from a mile away. Andy was just like “‘I’ll just leave my car here and I was like “Dude, what if you get towed?” He contemplated that for a sec and then decided that he would leave his car in the parking lot, even after I assured him that my paranoia alone had already put the “you’re going to get towed” energy out into the world. Andy, not so concerned about this. I am not much of a rule breaker when it comes to this kind of thing having had close calls in the past but Andy lives on the edge and I kind of liked it.

Date #4 Jenny

Since Andy was able to score all-access passes to Lucha VaVoom courtesy of his LAist credentials, he and Jenny decided to meet at Pete’s Cafe and Bar on 4th and Main to grab some dinner before the show. They enjoyed a nice dinner of scallops (her) and steak (him). Afterward they went to the Mayan Theater for Lucha. It was Jenny’s first time seeing the spectacle and she got to see it ringside near backstage. Andy got some great shots of the show. When the announcer introduced wrestler Dirty Sanchez, Jenny asked Andy if he knew what that meant as she had just found out about it, not the wrestler, six months ago. Fortunately not a firsthand experience. But they had a lot of fun, really enjoyed the show.

Afterward, Andy took her to Seven Grand for drinks. Our boys Damian and Patrick were there and had an idea what was going on so pretended to not know Andy for fear they would give the wrong impression that he goes there all the time. So cute those two! Jenny ordered the Irish Anecdote (my fave!) and Andy had his favorite, the Brock. The date ended at 1:15.

Jenny said: “Lucha VaVoom was hysterical. It was one of the best events I’ve seen in L.A and a great first date place. I even had my picture taken with Roky Roulette — the horse pogo riding stripping cowboy. I have not laughed that much in a long time. We ended up going to Seven Grand for drinks, and I had to laugh, because I remembered reading blog comments that ‘drinks’ was a code word for ending up there… I had fun with Andy. He was a bit distracted at first (from hunger, I think), but once he had a drink and a steak, he was a new man. He seemed to enjoy himself as well. The night was fun and I’m glad I went.”

More Lucha Vavoom pictures from Revolute.

So who will our little Andy pick? Stay tuned.