Win a Valentine Date Update, Part I

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by Sparktography

Flickr Shot by Sparktography

I know you’ve probably been wondering, “What ever happened to that nice boy, Crazy Andy, and his quest to find a Valentine?”

Well, I had a chance to catch up with Andy after his whirlwind week of crackdates — four girls in less than a week! — and pressed him about which girl he was going to pick to be his date on V Day. But he said he couldn’t make up his mind.

Apparently he needs more time with some of the girls that he likes. Another chance to get to know them. Understandable considering first dates usually resemble job interviews anyway. It’s the second date when you really get a sense about whether you click with that person or not. And shouldn’t the grand prize date be spent with someone that he really really likes?

So no tidy reality show format here. This is real life, people. The boy needs more time before he picks his (post) Valentine.

As for the dates themselves, sounds like they all went really well. In fact, Andy was surprised by how quickly he clicked with the girls. There was no awkwardness, no “I don’t think this is going to work out” moment. Rather he felt a real camaraderie with them and they turned out to be girls that he’d love to hang out with again, even if just as friends.

And that’s another reason Andy wants to go on a second date with some of the girls; he feels too highly of them to go on something contrived, picking one just to pick one.

So here’s a brief rundown of each date as told to me by Andy with some quotes from the girls to get their side of the story (I even asked them if they had fun anecdotes to tell). FYI, the dates diverged from the ones listed in the contest post, with the girls’ blessings of course, but they still went on some pretty fun-sounding dates.

Date #1: Melissa

Andy took her to see Aimee Mann at Largo. First they met at that weird alien coffeehouse, Nova Express, just down the street from Largo and then walked to a nearby bookstore to kill some time until the line for Largo died down. They lucked out with their seats as it was supposed to be a table for four where they had to share with some strangers. But fortunately the strangers never showed up. They enjoyed the music and afterwards went to 3rd Stop for drinks. They ended the night there, staying past midnight.

Melissa said: “I have to say he was everything that you and the commenters said he was — smart, funny, fun to be around. The date was a lot of fun and he seems like a really great guy. I don’t know if Andy had fun/would be interested in going out again, but I would be… The bar we went to afterward was out of almost every beer that he wanted and I stayed out way later than I had planned to given that I had to be at the gym at 6am this morning.”

Date #2: Andrea

They met for dinner at the Brazilian restaurant, Tropicalia, before heading to the Griffith Park Observatory. At the restaurant, Andy had asked Andrea if she wanted to sit inside or out and she immediately said, “Inside.” “I thought she was one of those girls who gets cold,” Andy told me. “We all get cold,” I replied. Anyway, the Brazilian food was great but apparently the service was lacking. They had brought him the wrong wine instead of the one he ordered. Regardless, they had a nice dinner and were excited about going to the Observatory. Once they got there, they enjoyed the beautiful and unusually clear night and even took in the Planetarium show cuz “It’s always nice to be reminded how insignificant we are,” he said.

Afterward they went to the Griffin for drinks. Andy made sure to stick to Guinness so he wouldn’t get too hammered while Andrea had three French martinis. They had put 15 songs on the jukebox and just when they were thinking of leaving the songs started to play. So they stayed and listened to their music and talked. They ended up staying after 1am.

Andrea said: “I already had the first date jitters and then it didn’t help that he had actually been to Brazil and was seemingly evaluating the not-so impressive dinner and wine. Slightly intimidating. We then made our way to the Observatory. At this point I think we both got to a good comfort level with each other, having broken through the ‘test round.’ We bypassed the ‘Lot full’ sign and proceeded to find plenty of parking for VIPs such as ourselves. Once in, there was a huge line to look through the giant telescope. Neither of us had any interest in waiting but Andy decided it would be a swell idea to sneak in through the exit to at least get in the telescope room. At this point I realized he was a cool kid, or what you would like to call ‘Crazy Andy.’ We saw the planetarium show, which was nice. Then we went to the Griffin on Los Feliz for some drinks. A couple of my friends joined us and we all got along nicely. We have very similar tastes in music and that’s always a plus. I’m not really looking for a relationship right now, just good people and good fun. And since final impression = fun, I could definitely hang out with him again.”

Win a Valentine Date Update, Part II to follow….