For the Girls: Win a Date for Valentine's Day — Caroline on Crack Style

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by streetpix

Flickr Shot by streetpix

For Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d do something fun and different for my single girl readers out there. No singles mixer, no anti-Valentine party. Something even better: I’m going to send you out on a fab date with a wonderful guy. And I’m not talking the generic dinner and a movie, I’m talking actual fun activities to do around our fine city.

Why am I doing this? Well, like me (before bf that is), you’ve probably tried Internet dating (blah), blind dates (scary) and even speed dating (tiring) and you still can’t find that one special guy. For some reason, it’s really tough in this town. So I figure, why not help my single crackhead-istas out and set them up with a prescreened guy on Caroline on Crack-approved dates? Sounds good, huh?

andyfacebook.jpg Well, the eligible bachelor who has agreed to submit to this fun lil’ Valentine experiment is none other than my good friend, Crazy Andy of LAist. He, too, is also finding it difficult to meet that one special lady. And my blog attracts fun, hip gals in the know who are up for anything and love L.A., so what better group to pull from?

And, don’t worry, I can personally vouch for Andy. Not that we dated but he’s been my partner in crime in hitting fun spots around town as well as my drinking buddy and he is a blast to hang out with. I’ll give you the lowdown on him later.

First, how this works is, you (single girl living within a 12-mile radius of Hollywood) pick one of the date options listed below and email me your stats and contact info and we’ll contact you, have a little chat and set things up. Easy-peasy.

But back to Andy, cuz I bet you want to know more about him:

Age: 32
Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5’10”
Web site:
Favorite karaoke song: White Wedding
Fave drink: Bourbon on the rocks, Seven Grand’s Brock
Fave wine: Cabernet, Malbec
Celebrity he’d date: Drew Barrymore
Who he’d vote for: Barack Obama
Fave item of clothing: Hoodie
Likes: Traveling the world, writing, playing guitar, sailing, biking, hiking, camping, wine tasting
Looks for in a woman: Confidence, fun-loving, free-spirited, slappable ass, someone with a sense of humor who appreciates sarcasm
Pet peeves: Smoking, pessimists, perfume
Personal quote: It’s another great day to save the world.

So now what’s Andy’s type? It took some arm-twisting to get him to tell me what kind of girl he’s attracted to. He was more into saying what personality traits he looks for in a date. But I was able to get that he likes curves in moderation and not someone who’s too skinny. Height and age seemed pretty flexible factors for him.

And now to the all-expenses-paid dates (not including your parking, dating attire and stuff like that) you can pick from:

  • Date #1: Date with a view. Stroll around the Observatory and take in the dreamy Planetarium show and then go for dinner and drinks afterward in Los Feliz. I’m thinking Figaro or Mes Amis and then the Good Luck Bar and Tiki Ti. I can vouch for this date as I did the same thing once. Twas v. romantic.

  • Date #2: Hot time in the city. Salsa dancing lessons on a Wednesday night followed by an Argentinian dinner and exotic drinks. You’ll learn some new hot moves and then be able to take it out on the dance floor after. And yes, Andy is not afraid to dance.

  • Date #3: Rock on! Either catch a live show at Safari Sam’s or El Cid and enjoy supper and cocktails there. ****Andy is always out and about checking the live music scene so a girl loves a good show would be ideal.

We’ll set Andy up on these dates and after each one do a synopsis of how it went down, getting quotes from the dater and the datee. After the dates, Andy will pick one of the girls to go on a grand prize date with him, hopefully just in time for Valentine’s Day.

So drop me a line at carolineoncrack at (or leave a comment), tell me a little about yourself (you can use the list I did about Andy above), include your contact information and photo and let me know which date you’d like to go on. Deadline for submissions is February 1. May the best girl win!