Today's Stream of Consciousness

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by dotsara (detail)

Flickr Shot by dotsara (detail)

Since I have to stay in and work on this oh-so lovely Sunday, I had time to think (and read) a lot of things:

Two Westside bars that I had accidently-on purpose forgot about got new snazzy makeovers: The Mor Bar on Main Street is now Main, replacing its tacky Moroccon decor with a sleek and sophisticated look while dive bar The Red Garter is now known as just The Garter. But it has gotten a sexy do-over complete with black chandeliers and purple walls. And I guess the arcade games have been replaced by Wii on a flat-screen. Swank!

I can’t wait to check out the Hopscotch Pool Bar and Grill at the newish Standard-mini Custom Hotel in Westchester. It’s near a bowling alley so I’m curious what kind of clientele this swank-looking hotel is attracting and how these peeps find it.

If cocktails are the new wine in terms of being paired with food to bring out certain flavors in a dish, I wonder if there’s a restaurant or bar out there that has a menu that lists cocktails like that: apperitif, entree and dessert? Or an actual cocktail flight where you start with the simplest and end on the most complex. If there isn’t one, there should be.

My favorite drink at Seven Grand now is no longer the Irish Antidote but the Los Angeles. Soo yummy! It looks complicated to make but it’s soo easy to drink. Too easy. Shake shake shake Vermouth, simple syrup, egg whites and lemon juice. It’s surprisingly sweet but not sickeningly so.

For some reason I can’t bring myself to try out this place. It’s not that I don’t like cereal, but I’m just never in the mood for just cereal. On the other hand, a Red Mango has opened up on Pico and Westwood if I’m ever in the moody for creamy goodness.