Beverage Bargains To-Go: Thirsty? Deck L.A.

— by Caroline on Crack

A Gun to Her Head

I’m just not good with coupons. Cutting them, saving them, remembering to use them. Last time I used a coupon was when I was a starving Bruin looking to take advantage of Ralphs double coupon special on a frozen pizza. However, the Thirsty? Deck Los Angeles 2008 may just have me resurrecting this thrifty pastime all in the name of a cheaper cocktail.

The deck not only offers a short and helpful description of 52 bars, wine stores and even coffee houses but also discounts like $10 off $30 purchases, buy-2-get-1-free deals and 50% off in-store tastings off the likes of BottleRock, Golden Gopher, Milk and The CrepeVine.

Cards of note:

  • $10 off Enterprise Fish Company with no minimum purchase required. Go there for the happy hour Monday-Friday 4-7pm (Sundays 8-10pm) and get Newcastle, Stella or Black Butte Porter 14-ouncers for $2.75, $4 for 22-ouncers and $3 well cocktails. Food specials include $4.95 calamari, $3.95 lobster chicken taquitos and $4.95 Cajun popcorn shrimp.

  • 50% off in-store tasting at K&L Wine Merchants which regularly run $10 for Thursday tastings (about 5 wines) and $20 Saturday tastings (includes at least 10 wines).

  • Buy 2 get 1 free at Literati Cafe. I’m usually not crazy about these sorts of deals cuz that means, ugh!, I have to share it with other people but Literati Cafe is my favorite weekend breakfast joint so it wouldn’t be far-fetched for me to buy a coffee and orange juice to go with my breakfast sandwich and then take a smoothie to go. Or I guessss I can split this with a friend.

  • 1 Free Wine Flight at redwhite+bluezz in Pasadena. You have to buy a full-price entree to take advantage of this deal but with choices like boneless beef short ribs with pecorino and porcini risotto or free-range French cut chicken breast with sweet potato gratin, it shouldn’t be too hard to do. BTW, they got something called chocolate flights here! Eeeeeeee!

The deck is priced at $24.95 but you can get it for $19.95 here. Suggestion: Keep the deck handy in your glovebox or purse so you won’t forget to use ’em. They expire NYE of this year so you better get started. Heh.