Hipcooks West Open! Take a Cocktail Party Class

— by Caroline on Crack

Ginger Lemon Drop Martinis by dotsara

Huzzah! The Hipcooks Westside location is up and running. If you’ve always wanted to take one of these cool cooking classes but felt the Brewery in downtown was too far to go for it, you’ll be happy to know that Monika, owner of Hipcooks, opened up a kitchen on the Westsiiide, on Robertson Boulevard north of the 10 Freeway to be exact.

Classes (14 people each) are $65, as opposed to the $55 they are at the Eastside location, but I’m willing to fork over the extra $10 to forgo the traffic and the extra 10 miles to get to the Brewery.

The first class is “My Big Fat Greek Cooking Class” on February 5. Last I checked, 9 spaces were still available. They also have a Persian, Thai, Japanese and Spanish cooking class, in addition to the unique “Cooking for One,” “Brown Baggin It” and “Hot Soup Focus Group” classes. But the one class I really want to take is the Cocktail Party class. That one always sold out by the time I tried to sign up for it at the downtown location. It seemed like you had to sign up two months in advance for this class.

Fortunately it seems that since no one is really aware of the Westside location yet, the cocktail classes for February 8 and 9 are still open.

These classes will be taught by Monika herself and will cover how to make the perfect martini as well as a vanilla martini, Hipcooks mojito, caiprinha, lemon drop and a dessert drink. For nibbles, they’ll have candied nuts, warm crab dip, leek and goat cheese tartlets, and cups with caviar, creme fraiche and chives to name a few.

It’s a deal for $65 considering that nowadays a specialty cocktail runs you anywhere from $10 to $15, and here you get six cocktails AND good eats! Hayyyy!

Anyway, I’m all signed up for the Saturday, February 9th class if any of you crackheads want to join me. Should be lots of fun. I took one of the cooking classes before and it felt like a nice, intimate party. So this will be a blast with a bunch of cocktails and friends.

Hipcooks West
2833 S Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90034