Reminder: Holiday Tingly Mingly at Seven Grand

— by Caroline on Crack

Adding flair

Hey midweek party people!

My holiday drinkfest is tomorrow and I just wanted to refresh your memory that you and yours are invited to join me and mine at Seven Grand for some serious merrymaking.

This isn’t a party for those who only work for the weekends or peeps who think downtown is too far or even those afraid of a little rain. Nope, this is for the hard-core. And I want to shake your hand. It’s hard finding likeminded souls.

As a reward, there will be $5 drink specials, in addition to the $4 Makers specials for the ladies. We’ll have the satellite jukebox til 10 and that’s when the live band starts. So grab your buddies and join me on the smoking patio for a cigar or under the deer heads for a whiskey or by the pool tables for a game. Oh yes, you will tingle and you will mingle.

See you there!

Caroline on Crack


Seven Grand
515 W 7th Street, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, California 90014 (map)
(213) 817-5321