Stoli Hotel: Taking Reservations for Free Drinks

— by Caroline on Crack

The traveling Stoli Hotel is back in Hollywood, which means free cocktails, free mini spa treatments, djs and lots of vodka mooches. I had gone earlier this year and the siren song of free cocktails is calling me again. But this time I’m bringing a designated driver instead of being one so I can really enjoy all the complimentary different flavored vodka cocktails.

This Friday the event is in the clubby Garden of Eden so it’ll be interesting to see if the setup has changed much. But if it’s anything like the other event, there will be a “spa” which I suggest you go to as soon as you get to the event so you can sign up for a “treatment,” otherwise it’ll fill up fast. That’s only if you really want a chair massage or something of that ilk. Apparently there will also be hors d’oeuvres, which I don’t remember from last time. That must be another earlier-in-the-night thing.

Anyway check out the free drinks, enjoy the music and then if you are still thirsty after, you can go across the street to The Woods.

RSVP asap to attend before they get all booked up. See ya there!

EVENT: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30 from 8pm-11pm

Garden of Eden
7080 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90028 (map)