Today's Stream of Consciousness

— by Caroline on Crack

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More random thoughts, aka “I can’t think of anything to blog about.”

Something for your Friday.

Metromix listed a couple of places where absinthe is making its comeback. I should have written something about that when Damian from Seven Grand (I think) told me about that weeks ago. But I guess the absinthe made me forget. I vaguely remember him saying something about how absinthe really isn’t as potent as people from the turn of the century made it out to be. Apparently there is no Green Fairy. Aw.

I wanna see No Country for Old Men tonight at Century City but can’t find anywhere to eat that’s nearby besides Pink Taco. I’m sick of Pink Taco. Maybe the thought of a margarita after work will motivate. But seriously. Where to eat? And I didn’t know that Aphrodisiac closed. I wonder if it was because of its stupid name.

The LA Auto Show opens this weekend but from the looks of it, nothing really exciting going on there. No cars I really want to dream buy.

Just saw the RoadRunners’ route for tomorrow. 13.22 miles? Since I sorta fell off the wagon with regard to keeping up on my midweek training maybe it’s best I join the run/walk group so I won’t hurt myself. I think 8 miles is the most I’ve ever ran. Uhh, I’m scared. I can’t imagine one day running 26.2 miles. I could practically run to Long Beach!

Somebody play Scrabulous with me! I’m officially addicted.

Why do telemarketers call me, leave a message with their phone number and a reference number as if I’m really going to call them back?