Red Mango's Fugetsu-Do Mochi Has Arrived

— by Caroline on Crack

Picture 3.jpg

I wouldn’t have made a special post for this if we weren’t talking about Fugetsu-Do mochi but, yes, Red Mango is now offering the delicacy to top your fro-yo.

But back to F-D, I have been meaning to check out this well-known Lil Tokyo mochi place ever since someone at Hawaiian Ryan’s tiki bar opening told me about it. But I haven’t been able to squeeze some time in my weekend schedule let alone stop by the ATM since the place only takes cash.

Fortunately, Red Mango is now featuring the confection. (They say they were actually the first to use mochi as a yogurt topping.) Yay! But that doesn’t mean I won’t check out the actual Fugetsu-Do though.

Red Mango, Westwood Village
10942 Weyburn Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90024 (map)
(310) 464-8526