Disneyfied Halloween: Tim Burton's Haunted Mansion

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by imperpay

Flickr Shot by Imperpay (detail)

If you love all things Halloween, you’ll probably be crazy enough to brave the roving gangs of tourists to hop the doombuggy on Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. It’s been shut down a bit for its Halloweenification but will reopen this Friday decorated a la Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas as part of the park’s effort to make this your Halloween destination.

If you can’t wait and want your surprise to be spoiled, go right ahead and click here for a rundown of the ride from years past.

This will be the sixth year in this incarnation but oddly enough I’ve never got the gumption to check it out. That’ll change this year when I go with my horde of gay boys during the annual Disneyland Gay Days on October 5-7. Fun!

The ride and the park will be spooky festive just through October 31, obviously. And other holiday transformations include the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in the California Adventure Park, Disney characters dressed in Halloween costumes (costumes wearing costumes?), and Halloween seasoned eats like pumpkin sprinkle and chocolate dipped waffle cone at Gibson Girl Ice Cream and Pumpkin King mousse tarts at the Carnation Cafe.


  • $83 Single-Day for both Disneyland and California Adventure
  • $63 Single-Day at Disneyland or California Adventure


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Anaheim, California 92802 (map)
(714) 781-4000

PS: If you’re looking for more fun Halloween to-dos in the city, check out David Markland’s new Halloween-dedicated blog, creepyla.com. He says it “will report on local haunted themed attractions, ghost stories, whatever sorts of crazy stuff people decorate their front yards with, etc.”