Reminder & GIVEAWAY: Nike Run Hit Remix

— by Caroline on Crack


Nike’s fun run, the Run Hit Remix, is coming up on Saturday the 15th, so if you like running, have a burning desire to turn this mutha out and want to feel like an Olympic athlete even for a split second, you should register for the race ($39). Word has it that it’s close to selling out though so you need to do it asap. (I know, a fun run selling out. Apparently they cap at 10,000! Crazy!)

And to help get you on the road to Hammer time, David Markland (of and a marketeer for the run) offered me a pair of snazzy Nike Air Zoom RS+ (women or men) to give away but suggested I make you guys work for it.

So the first crackhead who can fill in the blanks creatively and give me a good chuckle (leave your answers in the comments), gets ’em. I know you know the real words already so let’s try this Mad Lib style. To get you started I put my lame answers in the parens.

  • Can’t Touch ____. (My Monkey)

  • I like big __ and I can not lie. (Hmm, this could easily go the wrong way so keep it clean, folks… I like big “pieces of chocolate”?)

  • Am I down with OPP? ____ (Octopus parachute pants? — Yeah, I know, my bf came up with that one.)

The winner will get the shoes (normally retailed at $100) in whatever size they specify. Apparently the shoes are the ones that come with a little pocket to store the Nike+ Sports Kit sensor (not available in this giveaway) that allows you to track your progress (mileage, pace, calories, etc.) with your iPod Nano. High tech!

BTW, if you are going to do this run and need a buddy, some friends and l will be in the “Just for Fun” pace group or wherever the slow kids in the back are so that we can stop every now and then to check out the performers. I’ll be the girl with the gray headband and no makeup on. Scary.