Must Love Cookies: I Do! I Do!

— by Caroline on Crack


My co-worker John has a friend, Annette, who used to bake him cookies to bring to work all the time. And oh. My. God. The best cookies EVER! She made these particularly scrumptious chocolate chip cookies that were moist and thick with oatmeal, pecans and melty chocolate chips. It always made my day whenever John brought those cookies in. I’d devour one right away and save another one for the 3pm crash.

But then Annette moved away to Louisville, Kentucky, of all places! And I never saw the cookies again…or, well, not as frequently. I begged John to ask Annette to make more or at least to start selling her cookies. And lo and behold Annette IS selling her cookies! Her site isn’t high-tech or fancy but who cares, her cookies are awesome.

She makes a variety of flavors like peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, chewy molasses and pecan sandies but I like her chocolate chip cookies the best.

FYI, she also makes other sweets like mocha brownies (only for fall/winter months), homemade marshmallows, fudge and peanut brittle.

Sample price list:

  • 1 dozen chocolate chip cookies — $22.50
  • 1 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies — $20
  • 1 dozen peanut butter cookies — $20
  • 1 dozen chewy molasses cookies — $18.50

So the chocolate chip ones come out to about $1.88 each and that includes 2-day priority shipping. Not bad considering that when you order a dozen assorted cookies from Mrs. Fields, you can’t just get one flavor, they come with a lame tin and it costs $29.99 plus $15.90 for 2-day priority shipping.

However, if you do want a variety pack, Annette offers that, too. Oh, and there’s a cookie lottery on the site, where you can enter for $1 and if you win you get a dozen cookies of your choice. A new game starts every month.

And you know I don’t make a habit of recommending online cookies, but these are worth checking out.