Today's Stream of Consciousness

— by Caroline on Crack

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Flickr Shot by dotsara (detail)

I got a lot of thoughts in my head today and no place to put them in an semi-organized manner so I’ll do it here in all its rambling goriness. Lucky you…and I’m sorry.

I didn’t know that Lounge 217 in Santa Monica has closed its doors after 13 years. Dre said she heard Tiki Ti closed down, too, but I think that was just one of their fishing days….

Where can I get a smoothie before work since Papa’s Porch lied about its morning hours? 7am? Bah! I’m sooo addicted to its Tropical Bliss smoothie, it’s crazy good. I can’t find anything like it anywhere else. I’m not crazy about Jamba Juice, and Cafe Zella and Tully’s use tea in their smoothies and a smoothie mix….

That Chuck Norris Facts Web site is HI-larious, must get T-shirt of “When Chuck Norris works out, the machine gets stronger.” Would be perfect for the gym….

3:10 to Yuma got great preview reviews on Mmm, Christian Bale. Too bad the Q&A with the director at the ArcLight on September 4 is sold out. So fast! How did everyone know about it? Those things usually sell out right away…

Love that Sanoodi Web site. Now I can keep track of all my hikes and running routes. Here’s to a fitter, happier Caroline…

I have no desire whatsoever to check out that new sports bar, The Parlor, that took over the Cinch space. I walked past it the other day and saw they had a happy hour, but nope, did nothing to entice me in. Isn’t Trishelle from Real World, Las Vegas part owner?…

(Laughter in the background) I really hate that girl’s laugh. She sounds like she thinks she’s sooo cute. Whatev.