Dear Caroline on Crack: 1st Date Restaurant?

— by Caroline on Crack


Hiya Caroline,

I’m writing because I have a first date tomorrow night, and I want it to be a good one. I’m looking for a moderately-priced restaurant (up to $25-30 per entree) in the Westwood/Brentwood/Century City area, because that’s where my date lives. Any ethnic cuisine is good (I was thinking maybe Persian food since there are a ton of places near Westwood) but I don’t eat fish or seafood. Some place with a patio would be great to take advantage of the warm weather, but barring that, a place with low-light and no children would be great, too.

OK, now that I’ve defined my parameters, I’m hoping you can work your magic! Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide me, and I promise to let you know if date #1 leads to a second!

Hope you’re having a great weekend,

~The Bachelor

Dear The Bachelor,

How about Pink Taco in the Century City Mall? They have a great bar area, nice dining area and that outdoor patio. It’s hip and a great place to take a date, especially if you plan to see a movie after. It’s cheaper than $25-$30 an entree though.

I’ve dined in the restaurant a couple times but have always sat at the tables. I’d recommend getting seated in a booth obviously, for a date. Or sit outside on the patio where lots of people seem to gather. Nice and airy. You may not eat seafood but if your date does, I suggest having the lobster enchiladas. So yum!

The drinks aren’t too strong though but you can hop over to X Bar across the street for a night cap.

Of course Pink Taco is good if you want a hip place that’s buzzing with people. If you want a quiet date, I haven’t been here but Saketini in Brentwood sounds cool. It got some decent reviews and the menu looks pretty good.

Divino sounds cool, too. la.foodblogging gave it a good review.

Hope this helps.