Elevate My Mind: Buzz Over Elevate Lounge

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr Shot by eecue

Shot by Dave Bullock (eecue)

When I first got word from Thrillist about Elevate Lounge, a new bar/lounge atop a 21-story building in downtown, I thought “too chichi” for me. But since I’m easily swayed, buzz everywhere online has me itching to check this new place out which opened just last Friday.

Eater LA: …takes up the entire floor, with views in every direction from the wrap-around balcony—including the rooftop pools at the Standard Hotel and the Pegasus apartments.

Thrillist: At the heart of the airy space is a huge dance floor surrounded by removable booths and Tetris-like couches, where you can drink, nosh on small plates, or reflect on playing Tetris…Elevate can retract huge glass windows to join the entire 7,000-foot interior with its already-enormous balcony… (Cocktail menu)

UrbanDaddy: The oversized ottomans include built-in trays for stabilizing cocktails during heavy lounging. The place even stays open for an hour after the 2 a.m. booze cutoff, giving you time to work off that Stoli and plan your next move.

blogdowntown: The lounge features two bars and a sound system that’s tuned to keep the music loud on the dance floor while allowing a more mellow conversation to those on the patio.

Daily Candy: For Lotus Blossom and Lychee Mojito cocktails, cross the hall to Elevate Lounge (open now). If the mosaic bars are packed, duck into the VIP lounges (with individual mini dance floors) or hit the patio.

Dre and I are going to give it a looksee tomorrow night around 9:30. Anyone game?

Elevate Lounge
811 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90017 (map)
(213) 236-9600
Hours: 9:30pm-3am nightly