Swig & Spell: L.A. Drunken Spelling Bee

— by Caroline on Crack

You think you’re so smart, but can you spell “Gwyneth Paltrow” after 10 beers? If you have that unnatural talent then you need to sign up for the Drunken Spelling Bee going on this Friday.

There’s also a beer chugging contest but the buzzed bee sounds funnier. How do you play? You simply have to take a drink before each word you spell. And the spelling category is pop culture so if you read OK Magazine or Perez, you’re golden. The winner will, of course, receive “instant street cred, be able to date virtually anyone they choose, get the best tables in East Hollywood, and lots of sweet prizes.”

From CalendarLive.com:

The competition is expected to be fierce and factors such as size, gender and ethnicity have proven to be no guarantors of success.

If you want to drunken compete, RSVP asap with drunkenbee@gmail.com and specify whether you want to chug or drunken spell. Entry fee is $10 with RSVP and $12 at the door, but if you just want to watch, $5 with RSVP and $7 at the door. Hurry, before they reach capacity.

Participants are required to be age 21+ (obviously) and have a designated driver in tow, or a cab will be called for you but remember to write your home address on your body with a Sharpie before the drinking for good measure. You’re also encouraged to dress in disguise, er, “develop a character (via costume, perm, etc.).”

EVENT: FRIDAY, AUGUST 10 at 9pm (bar closes at 12am)

The Met
1089 N. Oxford Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90029 (map)