ArcLight Sing-A-Long: Grease Is the Word

— by Caroline on Crack

Admit it, you know all the words to Grease‘s “Summer Nights” and can sing both the Danny and Sandy bits if you had to. “Summer lovin’ had me a blaaaast…” Now you can sing it loud and proud in public with a bunch of other Greasers at ArcLight’s Sing-a-Long presentation of Grease on Monday while hoisting your cocktails and beer. Just stay away from drunken reenactments of the school dance’s hand jive. You might put someone’s eye out.

Yup, the Hollywood cineplex is celebrating the last days of summer with a special “21+” Musical Mondays. And it’s kicking things off with the best musical evuh!, Grease, the only feature in the Monday series that you can participate in. Well, you probably can sing along during the other ones, too, but they probably won’t have the words on the screen to make it easier. But even if they didn’t show the words on the screen, I’d be right there singing at the top of my lungs. “Whyyy? Oh Sandy!”

Hurry up and get your tickets. (The 7:30 show is already sold out.) There are only a few really good seats left, else you’re up too close or way in the back.

EVENT: MONDAY, AUGUST 6 at 10:15pm

6360 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90028
(323) 464-4226

Rest of the schedule for Musical Mondays after the jump…

August 13, 7:30pm

MOULIN ROUGE! (21 Plus) (2001)
August 20, 7:30pm

VIVA LAS VEGAS (21 Plus) (1964)
August 27, 7:30pm

GUYS AND DOLLS (21 Plus) (1955)
September 3, 7:30pm