Yelp's 1-Year Anniversary Prom Party

— by Caroline on Crack


Can you believe that Yelp L.A. is already a year old? It got so awesomely popular so fast. This really calls for a celebration, and one befitting a Web site with highly opinionated people who like to par-tay. Yelpers as well as non-Yelpers are invited to the 1 Year Yelpiversary Prom Party at the Key Club this Saturday.

Fortunately guests aren’t restricted to one era, rather, you have the whole history of bad (and good but bad is funnier) proms to choose from. So you’re welcome to treat it like the prom you never went to and go all out on some flashy designer duds or have fun with it and aim for the heights of ridiculousness, which is always fun for everyone. Carrie, Ducky, Napoleon Dynamite, Josie Grossie — take your pick and own it cuz prom attire is mandatory.

There will be free vodka-spiked punch, er, cocktails from 8-10pm as well as awards for L.A. Yelpers who win a “best in class” category. You can still get your votes in here. New to Yelp and don’t know any Yelpers? Feel free to put my name down. Muhahahaha!

And I know the invite above says you must RSVP yesterday to get in, but Stephy, the once and future Yelp Prom Queen and the L.A. Yelp poobah, says that my crackheads can still submit their RSVPs by August 2nd. So respondez s’il vous plait to la at and then go out and get your dress or tux.

Again, all are welcome. You don’t have to be a Yelper, just have a need to get your prom on.

EVENT: SATURDAY, AUGUST 4 from 8pm to 2am

Key Club
9039 W Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90069 (map)
(310) 786-1712