Dear Caroline on Crack: Bday Party Downtown?

— by Caroline on Crack

The Edison

Hello Caroline!

I hope this email finds you doing well. I met you during the Wine Tasting Tour and ever since I’ve had the fortune of getting your newsletter.

Now, I need your help; my sister is planning her birthday party for Friday and she’s looking for a place, around downtown, with a patio where she could host this. Do you know of any place that would fit this description? We want to dance and drink, of course.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

~ Downtown & Dirty

Hi D&D,

Hmm, a patio? I think the Broadway Bar has a patio but I’m not as crazy about the bar itself as I am about Golden Gopher and Seven Grand. But it’s bigger than the smoking patios of those places. As for dancing on a Friday night in downtown? I’m not too sure since I don’t really go dancing.

Places that I think would be cool for throwing a bday party downtown are Seven Grand (obviously) and Golden Gopher. The Edison is fabulous and so beautiful but it doesn’t have a patio. But it is huge and I think they have dancing there since there’s a stage and a place for a dj. But I’d suggest getting there before 9 if you have a large party. Even at 8pm so you can take over a bunch of seats.

If you’re flexible about places outside of downtown:
The Abbey (West Hollywood) — They have an awesome patio, strong cocktails and of course lots of dancing. The only catch is that you have to love the gay boys. I like it cuz it’s always so festive and fun and those boys can dance.

Bar Lubitsch (West Hollywood) — This has a patio out front as well a dj on weekend nights and fabulously unique cocktails, like the Molotov Cocktail. The dark back room is where they have the dj and dancing.

_Hope this helps.