Vanity Room: Suiting My Higher Fashion Sense

— by Caroline on Crack


I found the most darling clothing store ever! OK, I didn’t find it. I had actually driven past the Vanity Room on Washington Boulevard several times on my way to In N Out when I used to live in Mar Vista but never stopped by because it looked like one of those expensive boutiquey stores that sold jewelry on consignment and $200 jeans. But when I was having mimosas in the marina with girlfriends the other day, my friend Jules, who was looking particularly fetching in a cute polka-dot summer dress, told me I should check it out. She had purchased her frock there for only $40!

I used to buy my clothes mainly from Forever 21 (I know) for its super-cheap disposable fashions but lately I’m feeling my age and that stuff is too cute, too trendy and too chintzy for me. However, now I’m spoiled by their cheap prices. Not to say that Vanity Room is as cheap but it is pretty affordable for the quality of stuff. Dresses are lined, materials are better-quality and the brands range from XOXO and unknown names to high-end, um, $200 jeans.

The other day when I was looking for a last-minute dress for an event I had to attend in the next hour, I dropped by the boutique and told the salesgirl, Devin, my dilemma. She was very helpful and patient as well as fashion-savvy. I felt like I could ask her, “What sort of jacket or sweater should I wear over this?” She even recommended items that they didn’t sell in the store. “Do you have a broach at home that you can use to close that sweater up?” “Do you sell one here?” “No. That’s why I asked if you have one at home.” But I loved her. She wasn’t intimidating like how I find most salesgirls in boutiques, but rather friendly and fun.

I had walked in there simply looking for a dress but ended up walking out with two dresses for about $100 altogether (one for the event), a cool silver wings necklace ($29) and a cute retro black and white jacket ($40). All great finds. And, no, I didn’t feel pressured to buy them. In fact, I put back several items after trying them on. One dress that Devin suggested was $85 and although sexy, it was more than I wanted to spend on a dress.

But I’m so happy that I’ve found an affordable, hip clothier to suit my evolving fashion sense. And apparently their higher-end sister store is (h)armonie on Abbot Kinney; Devin puts in hours there, too. Must check it out.

13217 Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90066
(310) 306-3336